The design of Juno home appliances

The design of Juno home appliances

Modern kitchen – attractive appliances

Many factors play a part in your new kitchen: ergonomic design, easy care, optimized work flows, price and most importantly – the choice of appliances. This results in innumerable practical details, technical innovations and consequently a large number of decisions to be made. Technical sophistication aside, the design of the appliances is no less important. It must radiate modernity and appear timeless and be easily integrated into the planned kitchen.


To make your decision a little easier, both ranges include technical features and energy savings at the highest level. They differ with regard to design features, supplementary technical functions and therefore as regards their price.

Design Juno 

Timeless forms and optimum value for money!

The design language: an oven with a narrow stainless steel frame in combination with a stainless steel panel.

The technology: everything that is needed!

Energy-aware and convenient!